Former SVP, European Airline (90M+ Pax/year) 

"Philippe has a top-notch expertise on e-Commerce, mobile and retail solutions for airlines. Chairing strategic advisory forums with top global leading carriers for years, he has continuously demonstrated his outstanding knowledge, his executive communication skills, and his insightful digital vision for airlines"


Sr. Director, North American Airline (40M+ Pax/year) 

"Working with Philippe was always a positive experience. His partnership to do whatever it took to get things right was refreshing. His ability to bring the right people with the right knowledge was instrumental to his success. He has industry leading experience within the digital ecosystem and is always a true advocate on behalf of the customer." 


CIO, European Airline (30M+ Pax/year) 

"I had the pleasure of working with Philippe and his undivided support really help us to bring our business forwardPhilippe always provided valuable help and insights into how we can improve our e-commerce and our offering. The fine line between high development speed, new features and secure operations is something that he for years managed to balance." 


Head of Digital Transformation, M.E. Airline (20M+ Pax/year) 

"II had the pleasure to work with Philippe for more than 10 years. Having led a consulting unit for airlines he has an outstanding knowledge of airlines' strategic matters and has always delivered concrete business results. Over the recent years he has developed an deep expertise on subjects such as Digital, Merchandising, and NDC." 


Head of Direct Sales, Asia Pacific Airline (50M+ Pax/year)

"Philippe has enormous energy, passion and enthusiasm which he brings to the airline and digital industries. He is an articulate advocate for what he believes, and has a unique vision for applying digital technologies to improve experience for customers and the bottom line for the companies that serve them."