Featured on PhocusWire: NDC Check, part 2: Next-gen airline distribution could be ready to fly


In line with NDC@Scale, and in order to drive mass adoption, I am convinced that the key lies in the three business drivers we identified back in March 2018Specifically, these are: Transformation, Proven ROI, and Push-and-pull

Featured on PhocusWire: NDC check, part 1: Is next-gen airline distribution taxiing or taking off?


We are now halfway to the end of 2020, when the NDC IATA NDC Leaderboard members (consisting of 21 airlines) have set themselves a goal of reaching 20% of their reselling traffic through an NDC API, aka the 202020 objective. Are all players on track?

Brand new research by Answair sponsored by IATA


Based on over 40 interviews and surveys with 15 NDC Leaderboard Airlines representing 700M passengers, 15 Corporate suppliers, and 12 global corporations ($3T travel spend per year). This 35-page research provides insights and business drivers to shape successful and profitable NDC business models with collaboration and retailing.     

Featured on PhocusWire: NDC Tipping Point - Seeking Simplicity (2/2)

Ever since we entered the Internet Age, companies have faced a key issue: choosing their IT partners. This selection is critical – after all, the wrong IT partner can simply break a business.


When it comes to NDC however, this decision takes on a whole other dimension: no longer are we just looking at complex IT solutions, but rather at comprehensive digital transformations.

Featured on PhocusWire: NDC Tipping Point - Seeking Speed (1/2)

"It offers three strategic possibilities: drive revenues, reduce costs, and enhance customer service… The technology is new enough that many difficulties remain, however.”


Addressing New Distribution Capability impact in 2018?

No, questioning web impact back in 1998...

Featured on PhocusWire: Why is there no global B2C online travel brand yet?

The online travel space is missing something big: a global B2C brand.


Sure, powerful brands such as Expedia and Priceline dominate the news – but these aren’t truly global brands. To be global, a brand needs to be able to reach the vast majority of consumers across the world. And these brands are missing one key piece of the puzzle.

Featured on PhocusWire: Flight Metasearch – hard landing into a new business model


Metasearchers are facing a real problem.


Google, Kayak, Skyscanner and many others are spending a lot in attracting travellers looking for tickets, but most often let them go anonymously once they’ve selected a flight.

Featured on PhocusWire: Airlines’ Biggest ‘Missed Connection’: The Data Disconnect


The vast majority of airlines and airports agree: data is a necessary business enabler to master. Thanks to data, airlines can dynamically tailor and perfect personalized digital experiences that increase customer satisfaction and yield, while simultaneously reducing integration and operational costs. 

Featured on PhocusWire: Enough of the 'Amazon of travel'!


Ever since e-commerce hit the airline industry’s radar, every year we’ll hear a new batch of leaders (including Ryanair’s CEO Michael O’Leary) declaring they want to become the ‘Amazon of Travel’. My reaction is always the same: “…that’s it?”


Lessons from Climbing:           Believe! Success will Follow

I'm a climber.


Whether I'm on a mountain, or in a boardroom hammering out key strategic points, the reflexes and the mindset needed to pit oneself against the elements and come out on top are always there. 

Airlines need to enrich their Data with DATA

The answair dimensions: Deep, Agile, Traveler, Actionable

Big Data is the key for airlines to transition into retailers. Be it by using data for predictive analysis, surfacing data from the back end with open APIs, or capturing all data to manage the end-to-end customer view, data itself is allowing airlines to provide better services.

Airline Merchandising - Upsell, don't Upset 

Airline Merchandising's two main objectives are almost at odds with each other: increasing revenue per passenger while simultaneously enhancing the passenger experience.


PhocusWire: Forget Mobile-First - Airlines are headed to Mobile Only!

I have a running bet that the next five years will see a major airline implement a “Web Fee” for travelers who choose to make a booking in a browser instead of the mobile app.


Sound far-fetched? Think again.

Airlines try to win passengers' hearts by keeping them better informed

answair CEO Philippe Der Arslanian quoted in Reuters article

* Passengers want information as early as possible


* More automatic rebooking needed to ease stress during delays